Logitech z506 surround issue


Jul 3, 2013
So I got this set about two years ago but I've always slacked off on making it work properly till a few days ago. I browsed a bunch of forums and discovered that I have to set my speakers configuarion to 5.1 and my sound card settings to 5.1.
I plugged everything according to the colors and ran two tests, one given by the speaker config and the other by the sound card config. Both tests went well and all the speakers made sound when it was their turn.

Now the problem comes in when I'm trying out surround beyond those tests. I went through a bunch of 5.1 tests on YouTube and the result was this:
Front speakers made sound on their cue.
Front Right made sound instead of Central.
Front speakers made sound instead of rear speakers, so if Right Rear is up, Right Front made sound, same for the other rear.
Subwoofer wasn't heard at all.

When I'm playing games that support a 5.1 surround set, it acts as 2.1.
Movies and songs play it as 2.1 as well, front speakers and the sub.

Using the Maximus VI Hero onboard sound card, config menu pops up as Realtek HD Audio. I'm on Windows 7.

Thanks in advance!
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