Question Logitech Z906 Audio Problem Distorting + Cutting out

Jun 13, 2020
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So I purchased a set of Z-906 off gumtree, I opted for these over the Z-5500's purely because they were newer and I'd hope prone to less abuse/use over the years as the Z-5500's are quite old. They were still in their plastic packaging apparently never used. I used to have X-540's which lasted me 10yrs + and I hammered the <Mod Edit> out of them. Full blast a lot of the time with no distortion and dropped from 2m on more than 1 occasion still worked perfectly best $90 I ever spent.

Anyway, from day 1 these Z-906's have distorted anywhere beyond 3/4 volume. Is this normal? Just seems they can't handle some frequencies and I've had to cut them off which has been quite annoying, but I've been able to put up with it by adjusting the level to the 2:1 speakers to stop them distorting.

So last night I had them blarring quite loudly, and they were constantly cutting out on me. Now I can't seem to run the speakers anywhere past half way or the left speaker will cut out along with the rest of them except the right speaker... It's not often I have them full ball as they are my pc speakers, but I do like to send them past half volume at times as thats what they are there for! At first I thought it was just the left speaker cutting out but once the left goes all of them go, except the right speaker..

Anyway any help is appreciated, as far I'm aware they are toast probably something to do with the amp. Might end up buying an old set of Z-5500's after all as they seem like the better set of speakers.
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