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  1. FoleySkids

    Question Logitech Z906 Audio Problem Distorting + Cutting out

    So I purchased a set of Z-906 off gumtree, I opted for these over the Z-5500's purely because they were newer and I'd hope prone to less abuse/use over the years as the Z-5500's are quite old. They were still in their plastic packaging apparently never used. I used to have X-540's which lasted...
  2. P

    Solved! Logitec Z906 + Samsung UE55NU7021

    I'm not sure if this question has been answered before. I've been googling but can't really find a definitive answer so I wonder if you guys can help! I've recently bought a Samsung 55'' UE55NU7021...
  3. F

    No output from center/rear speakers with Sound Blaster Z

    I recently built a new PC, and I migrated my Sound Blaster Z (internal card) to the new system. It was working fine with my Logitech Z906 5.1 system on Windows 10 just weeks ago. NOW, when I go through the speaker test (either in Windows or in SBX Studio), I get front L/R output, but no...
  4. J

    What is the difference between X-fi and x-fi hd

    So I planned to buy an external soundcard for my Logitech z906, but I can't see the difference between the Creative Soundblaster X-Fi and Creative Soundblaster X-Fi HD (except the price). And another question, do you guys recommend it for this setup?
  5. S

    Need to know (Logitech Z906)

    Hello everyone.. My question is about something different . Yesterday a cockroach entered into my bass speaker.. I'm not sure about this... But is it gong to any problem for me ???? :( :( Sorry for bad Englinsh
  6. R

    My Logitech Z906 makes a clicking sound when I turn them on and i get no audio. Help!

    I've owned my Z906 for about 2-3 years, and they've worked perfect since the day I bought them. However, now when I turn them on, I have sound for about 1 second, and then a clicking noise (sounding like a small electrical shock) comes around. When it does, the sound dissapears. What is the...
  7. R

    Distortion with z906.

    Hello, I was watching a movie to test out my surround sound and during some scenes I would hear distortion on my surround speakers. The distortion is consistent around really bassy noise. I can mess around with settings but I want experts opinions. I did some research and read bass management in...
  8. Leonel_3

    TOSLINK vs RCA with 24-bit files. What should I use?

    Good day fellow users. I currently have the Logitech Z906 connected to my PC through the Sound Blaster Z's TOSLINK port. I just recently got my hands on some sweet material; Rush's 2112 and Jethro Tull's Aqualung on 24-bit; for each, I have the stereo, quad and surround (5.1) files. My...
  9. B

    How to connect z906 to soundcard for BEST possible sound quality

    So I am thinking of buying the Logitech z906. I currently have the z506 but they are not good enough as I am starting to look at sound quality a bit more seriously. Obviously I cant get the best sound quality from my motherboard's onboard sound card so I am also thinking of buying Creative's...
  10. sonyzz

    Logitech z623 or z906

    I use now 40w 2.1 system which makes thumping noises when idle, so i want to replace it, my brother have logitech z623 i heard how thoose speakers sound, but i found on amazon that z906 is 200 pounds and z623 is 130, and i cant decide, i mainly using with desktop as 2.1 system because there is...
  11. W

    Logtech Z906 Setup

    Today I purchased the Logitech Z906 sound system. I'm trying to use it with my computer however I can't get it to work, this is my first sound system so I am a noob and I require help. It says on their website that only some motherboards will be compatible, am I fine with an Asus M5A97 R2.0, or...
  12. F

    Logitech z906 5.1 + Philips TV

    Hello all about 2 weeks ago I contacted Philips helpdesk to ask if it is possible to hook up my Logitech z906 speakers to my TV. As said before my speaker set is the Logitech z906 5.1. So the guy from the Philips helpdesk told me it is possible to hook up these speakers to my Philips TV using...
  13. watafak

    Please help me figure out which one would suit my needs.

    Dear tom's hardware community, i am looking forward to buy a really loud home audio setup. A friends of mine has logitech z906(500W) which are REALLY loud. Therefore i started searching for these speakers or louder of these. z906 at greece cost about ~300Euros. I found tho LG BH6440P for less...