Solved! Logitec Z906 + Samsung UE55NU7021

Jul 5, 2019
I'm not sure if this question has been answered before. I've been googling but can't really find a definitive answer so I wonder if you guys can help!

I've recently bought a Samsung 55'' UE55NU7021 ( and Logitec z906 5.1 to pair with it. I wonder if you can shed some light on what's the best way to connect the two? I have seen posts about z906 being not quite a good home theatre kit. Do I simply use a toslink to toslink cable, or do I need some kind of audio converter?

Many thanks.
A toslink cable will work fine.
Check the TV manual on how to turn it on, You may need to turn the TV speakers off and change the audio output type.
You will adjust the volume on the speakers since the output of the TV is fixed.