Question Connecting PC to 5.1 (logitech z906)

Apr 26, 2019

I need to connect my 5.1 speakers (Logitech z906) to my sound card on my PC for playing 5.1 movies. I would like to get the best possible sound out of my speakers, so I guess analog connection is better. Also, because of my home theatre setup, the sound card is some 15 meters (45 feet) from the speakers. I am unable to find 3x 3.5 mm minijack of the appropriate length. Would it be ok if I bought 3 separate 15 meter 3.5 mm cables instead. Or is there a better option?
The analog connection will be better than using a digital connection only if your soundcard is better than the one inside the speakers.
If you do use the analog output of the soundcard then it will be fine to use 3 stereo cables. In fact it may be better than using a single cable.
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