Please help me figure out which one would suit my needs.


Mar 21, 2013
Dear tom's hardware community, i am looking forward to buy a really loud home audio setup. A friends of mine has logitech z906(500W) which are REALLY loud. Therefore i started searching for these speakers or louder of these. z906 at greece cost about ~300Euros. I found tho LG BH6440P for less than 300 to be exact 270 and also 1000W. ill put a list to help sort this out with 5 in total systems i came across.
links are only for showing the specs of the items. All prices are mentioned next to each one.
    1. Logitech z906 total W 500, sub 165w, speakers 5 x67w 333 Euros

    2. LG BH6440P total W 1000, sub 167w, speakers 5x167 268 Euros

    5. Philips HTB3510/94 1000Watt price:268 Euros
    • Subwoofer output power: 166W
    • Center speaker output power: 166W
    • Satellite speaker output power: 4X166W

the whole thing is going to be attached on my desktop. I already have a small 5.1 audio system attached via 3.5mm jack. My motherboard doesnt have an spdif gate nor coaxial thingy. Only the standar 6 jacks. How will i be able to connect the whole thing to my pc? do i need a mobo with spdif? or can this be done by connecting the main console of home theater via hdmi to my gpu, and then connect my gpu to monitor via vga or dvi? thanks in advance. Also i vote for the panasonic system as it seems the loudest and thats my only goal.


The Samsung is the only unit with HDMI in which would be the easiest and best quality sound setup. The problem is since most or all of the systems only offer simulated surround which isn't the best for movies. For gaming, since they are all simulated surround, it isn't a big deal.

Since you don't have S/PDIF out on your computer, you would need to buy a sound card which would cost around 50 euros or more if you wanted to get a better sound card like the Sound Blaster Z. I got mine for 60.00 USD so prices vary. Optical has it's problems that it can't do true/discrete surround(5.1 and above) where HDMI, display port and analog can.

But since your gpu has an HDMI out, you could get something like this which has HDMI plus most/all the various surround sound decoder formats. OF course this is over your budget but you have to consider you need to buy a sound card, have a correct empty slot in your computer and etc.

Since the system above I linked has HDMI out, you can then run a cable to your computer monitor. IF you don't have a HDMI input on your monitor, a cheap HDMI to dvi adapter will work great.

SO what I would do is find something similar to the system I linked above(in your price range) and look for one that has HDMI in and if you want the various surround sound decoder formats like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. It doesn't make sense to have those sound formats with a blu ray player if they can't really be used.

be seeing you, the Prisoner...


Mar 21, 2013
thanks but after an intense search i did at some greek stores, i did a live test between z906 and any 1000w home cinema, and every home cinema's full volume is not even close to half of what z906 does. The guru's also told me that z906 500w RMS are real, unline home cinema's. Will pick z906 myself thanks for ur answer.
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