AV Receivers specs, Speaker setup

May 22, 2018
Hello everyone,

So I have finally saved enough money and have just finished building my home theatre in the basement. I welcomed some friends over to test it and they said it was comparable to Bestbuy's demo speakers... and that was a slap in my face since the speakers costed half my tuition. Granted, I did not do much research prior to purchasing due to exams, but even after reading a lot of forums I'm just more confused.

So I have a few questions, first, it is regarding the receiver wattage. My friends told me there might not be enough power from the receiver, however, I searched the specifications of the receiver, it is a Denon x3300wm (Power Output 8 ohm, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.08% 2ch Drive105 W)
My speakers are from Axiom, M22, M3, SQ8 and VP150. I think 105w for each speaker is more than enough, no? Also, if someone could kindly explain to me what the 0.08% 2ch Drive mean?

Second, how do I setup the receiver? i.e. Are there any specific settings I need to change? We followed the Audyssey setup that automatically does everything, aka, the Bestbuy sound, according to my friends. We messed around with the manual setup and the sound is now officially screwed up. I don't think it's the speakers' position since I've read the Dolby article thrice and measured everything with a ruler...
I haven't been down to the basement for a week since I'm pretty sad and debating on returning everything and go for that Bestbuy package that cost $900 including literally everything. So if anyone could help me figure this out, it would be REALLY helpful. I don't know what else to do...

Btw, I also have an svs pb 1000 sub, if that makes any difference.

Thank you everyone
I doubt you have a power issue.It doesn't affect the quality of sound until you reach the limit of the receiver. The .08% is the total harmonic distortion spec. (not important since you can't hear anything like that amount). The Denon you got is not a bad receiver for the money.
The room could be the problem but internet only speakers that you can't hear before buying them is a big problem too. Don't assume that the reviews online are unbiased or from people that have a broad enough exposure to good sounding equipment that their opinion should carry any weight.
Audyssey isn't perfect and can screw up. You can do the speaker set up manually. Don't be afraid to set the sub level as you like it. If it's low the sound can be thin when you front speakers are small.
I have heard earlier model Axiom speakers and was not at all impressed. You can do better for the amount you spent.
The front three speakers and the sub are the important ones. The surrounds and Atmos speakers far less critical. Speakers are a matter of taste but a lot of speakers are made to look good and be profitable. If Best Buy is the only dealer nearby listen to B&W. Other brands like Paradigm or Revel are good too. If you buy online you might like the ELAC Debut2 series. Good speaker companies spend a lot of money on R&D to get the best sound they can. It doesn't maximize their profit but a better product brings more discerning customers.
If there is an audio store nearby visit them. Even if they specialize in expensive gear they usually have entry level systems that are better long term value. Use less channels and get better speakers if you have to keep to a budget.
Lastly don't let you friends be the ones to judge. Unless they have been living with much better gear at home their opinion shouldn't influence you.
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