Oct 13, 2017
Hello, I was watching a movie to test out my surround sound and during some scenes I would hear distortion on my surround speakers. The distortion is consistent around really bassy noise. I can mess around with settings but I want experts opinions. I did some research and read bass management in realtek helps with not playing low frequencies over the surround speakers but others say let the built in amp on the z906 handle that, but since I'm using 6 channel 3.5mm inputs and letting my motherboard (z87) encode should I enable bass managment? Realtek also asks if these speakers are full range and maybe that can be where thr distortion is coming from? Some say to enable as they are some dont. Pretty much what settings should i have in realtek with analog not digital connection?
Yes you should enable bass management since you are using the processing in your z87 when you use the analog audio outputs. None of the speakers should be set to full range and the subwoofer should be enabled.