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    Solved! DSTV decoder audio sound extremely low for all channels yet picture is fine. HELP!!!!

    May someone assist me. I am having problems with sound from my decoder. Every channel including radio channels have the same low volume. Eversince my LED TV got spoilt my decoder lost volume. I recently purchased a new TV and noticed that the sound is so minimum that you have to take the...
  2. T

    Who processes the sound when SmartTV app is connected to a soundbar via HDMI-ARC?

    I use my TV's built-in apps to watch Amazon videos, Netflix, Spotify, etc. If I connect a soundbar to it over HDMI-ARC and the soundbar supports DTS Virtual X but the TV doesn't, will I still get the full benefit of DTS Virtual X? I'm curious to understand how the sound processing works in...
  3. O

    Solved! HDMI to TV issues

    I connected my Dstv Decoder to the Tv with a HDMI chord, but it’s bringing no picture. It is rather showing ‘no signal’. Any help?
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    I need help on how I can decode the memory card

    I was using a memory card as internal storage and I update from Android 7 to 8 so now the card doesn't work. How can I get it to work? I updated from phone's settings and update
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    i've a philips dvd home thereatre with aux L/R in and 5.1 out, if i connect it through a digital decoder of 5.1 to L/R out wil

    i've a philips dvd home thereatre with aux L/R in and 5.1 out, if i connect it through a digital decoder of 5.1 to L/R out will it remain same?
  6. E

    how do i connect my lcd monitor's vga port to an rca port on a decoder or dvd player

    how do i connect my lcd monitor's vga port to an rca port on a decoder or dvd player
  7. M

    Connected my DSTV decoder to my TV, got picture but no sound

    The HDMI cable that came with my DSTV decoder was connected to my TV and it gave pictures but refused to produce sound. What do I do to get audio sound?
  8. J

    Mx player damage Speakers?

    hey guys...i have installed mx player and enabled hw+ decoder which raise the volume up to 200% ,,does that harm the speakers or the headphone? i need rational answer please..
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    amp or preamp

    friends i have ZY-DTS8HD 7.1 Channel Decoders Decode Board DTS AC3 3D HDMI 1.4 DTS Decoders with power supply url: What should i do next? Please guide...
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    Subwoofer working through phono, but not ext. decoder

    I have a Yamaha AV Receiver (RX-V496) with a sub-woofer and two monitors. I have phono set up with a turntable, and the sub works fine, as do the monitors, but when I swap it over to ext decoder, which has my computer outputting audio, the monitors work, but the sub does not. Edit: I've pulled...
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    How to properly install surround sound from tv decoder?

    So, I just bought a new hometheatre system for my tv. The thing is I use tv decoder(Home Cable HD samsung GX-FM530CF) from my internet service provider to watch movies. I tried using the mono stereo sound using rca cables and it runs well, sounds came out normally. But when I try to use the...
  12. P

    Connect decoder to laptop

    Hi I just bought a creative T7700 with decoder dts-100 And my question is How can I connect the decoder to my laptop I onli have a 3.5mm jack
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    logitech z906 decode light ON and speaker turn on 2.1

    hi guys , i will try my best in english but i wanna know something about my logitech z906. i plug it on my tv everything was alright when i listen tv but when i go on youtube ou internet the decode light turn ON and the speaker turn on 2.1 and i cant turn it on the full surround why ??
  14. paulomatosao

    Connect TV Decoder to Projector Dell 1800MP

    Hi gents, I need to connect my TV Decoder, with HDMI output, to my Projector Dell 1800MP with VGA Input. I did buy some cable adapter, with 5V power. I connect the cable, but when he try to find the input, comes a flash image and then comes the screen of the projector with the information saying...
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    Problem running LG TV with TV decoder and Soundbar

    Hello, So, I have LG UJ750V, Sony HTCT-290 Soundbar and a TV signal decoder from my television provider. Now the problem is making these three work together in unity :/ TV decoder connection is HDMI , SoundBar is HDMI ARC. If TV is connected with SoundBar only or Decoder only, it works...
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    Connect Dynamic audio AT 300 studio monitor to Audio decoder? Bare wire to plug?

    http:// Connect Dynamic audio AT 300 studio monitor to Audio decoder? Bare wire to plug?
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    Solved! Audio conversion software that uses installed codecs

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for some audio conversion software that will decode audio using an installed codec. In my situation, I have a proprietary codec installed to decode jail calls in .wav format. I can listen to the audio in Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic. I would like...
  18. R

    Distortion with z906.

    Hello, I was watching a movie to test out my surround sound and during some scenes I would hear distortion on my surround speakers. The distortion is consistent around really bassy noise. I can mess around with settings but I want experts opinions. I did some research and read bass management in...
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    Does Dolby Pro Logic decode any kind of 2.1 signal?

    I know that Pro Logic decodes matrixed stereo signals into emulated 5.1 surround. But let's say that I'm watching a movie recorded in 2.1 stereo. Will the algorithm of Dolby Pro Logic be able to reproduce an emulated 5.1 surround out of it?
  20. P

    Looking for help with DVD burning

    I have any DVD and clone. I been using this for bout 4 years now. I can decode DVD . but when I put in blank DVD to copy it keeps saying bad media . can anyone help me with what this means. I tried 2 different blank dvds as well. Thanks
  21. B

    Sound cuts out and comes back occasionally on my new JVC TV when using HDMI cable from DSTV decoder

    Dear Members I recently bought a new DSTV HD decoder and a JVC TV. The problem is that sound cuts out and comes back occasionally on my new JVC TV when using HDMI cable from the DSTV decoder. When I use the other cables supplied it works fine but the picture quality is not as good. Please help...
  22. R

    Playing HEVC (h265) movies on TV without HEVC decoder

    I have some movies with HEVC (h265) compression. I'd like to play them from USB disk on TV that doesn't support that format. It's 2013 model Samsung h7150. I was thinking to buy a player to play those movies. I just read somewhere that TV without HEVC decoder won't be able to play those movies...
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    Home Theatre PC - Sound Card

    I am planning to build an Home Theatre PC for playing the Bluray Movies stored on my computer with the DTS and Dolby Audio. Since my motherboard doesn't have the SPDIF output I am planing to buy a dedicated sound card with Optical/SPDIF out port to passthrough all my Dolby and DTS audio to the...
  24. G

    Deciphering a virus

    Hi! I recently got an obviously malicious email, with a VBE attachment. I am now determined to see what that code does, but it's encrypted. Does somebody know how to decode a VBE file? Thanks! Edit: solved myself.
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    Can I get surround from Sony KDL-55W957B to Panasonic SC-HT67 with a digital audio decoder?

    I couldn't figure it out, but after looking everywhere, I can't understand if a digital audio decoder (like this one or this one with a Toslink from the TV and a RCA to the AVR can do the trick to get surround in my 5.1 audio system. The...
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    Hardware requirements for multiple chromecast from local HDD?

    I'm looking at setting up a mini-pc as an HTPC running KODI on Ubuntu and using Chromecast as a DMA in a couple other rooms. I was wondering how powerful the mini-pc would need to be to handle that. I found this article that says full res HD takes 48Mbps and an external USB 2.0 drive has a...
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    My tv have 1 hdmi output. How can i connect a bluray player and mpeg4 decoder in 1 hdmi?

    Well my tv have only 1 hdmi output and i have already connected a mpeg4 decoder in that output. I want to connect a bluray player too with hdmi but my tv support only 1 hdmi. How can i fix that? Can i buy a hdmi spliter or switcher? What is the best solution for that and what about the quality...
  28. P

    how do I connect my HD decoder sound to my Lg HT903TA-A0 home theater system?

    Don't know were to start please help really need your help..
  29. A

    5.1 speakers with SPDIF input?

    Hello all, I have a gaming rig that I plan to expand for use as a home theater PC, and I am having some trouble picking a soundcard. If I could find an inexpensive 5.1 speaker set with an SPDIF input, it would solve all my problems. However, the only similar thread I've found was from...
  30. F

    what is maximum distance between satellite dish and decoder for acceptable signal

    Satelite Dish positioning distance relative to decoder
  31. W

    Nasty Virus I've Contracted

    I seem to have contracted a nasty virus all of a sudden. While searching in google I noticed avast sending dozens of JS : Decode-ASH[Trj] & JS : Redirector[Trj] notifications at me. Ran a malwarebytes scan and it showed nothing. Ran a full avast scan and it froze at 0% but still returned 361...
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    Audio "hangs" with new tv and decoder

    Hello, dear community! I am going to try and make this easily understandable . . . Old Setup: I just replaced an old decoder which only had Scart which I connected to the old tv. From the Tv I had an optical cable going into a reciever which have L R Center speakers connected to it. Decoder...
  33. Y

    How to connect Digital decoder 5.1 to LG Smart TV

    I got a separate Multimedia speakers (Creative 4.1) and Surround speakers(2400 watts).. I need to connect both of them to my smart tv through optical cable with the help of a decoder(As mentioned Digital decoder 5.1)
  34. M

    Can't decode my toshibas led blink code

    Hi, I have a toshiba sattlite l670. It doesn't charge or turn on and give the following blink code. . . . . . . _ _ _ _ . It doesn't make sence since it's not 8 bit and it decodes to 15 which is not in the list. I have tried removing the battery and the 30 power switch press. But that doesn't...
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    TV digital audio out (optical) to 3.5 mm green/black/orange jack using Tritton decoder boxes

    I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to connect my 10 year old PC 5.1 surround sound Logitech speakers to my new Samsung TV using the optical out. I have no other use for the speakers and they're just sitting there. I don't have the space for a receiver and the only space...
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    Here is my issue, I have a Laptop (HDMI enabled ofc) and a set top box(Decoder) which has a HDMI input.

    But now it does not accept neither shows any sort of display. The TV is a VGA Cathode ray typo. I don't know what to do therefore I ask for assistance and I did the following : -Changed the resolution to the lowest. -Restarted my Laptop. -Kept the connection too close.
  37. NerevarReborn

    Best way to decode DD 5.1/ DTS without receiver?

    Hey! I've been searching the internets for answers to my questions for some time now, but all my findings have been very inconclusive.. Either it seems I'm trying to do something that no-one else in the world has ever wanted to do before, which would be pretty weird, considering what it is, or...
  38. U

    compatible DVD decoder

    I have an Acer 3680-2682. When trying to play a DVD I get message that it will not play because I do not have a compatible DVD decoder. It played them before. Not sure why this is happening. What should be done
  39. M


    Hello, can a cheap HDMI cable blow a TV, PS3 AND DSTV DECODER
  40. M


    Hello, can a cheap HDMI cable blow a TV, PS3 AND DSTV DECODER
  41. M

    Analogue Terrestrial TV to Digital Changeover

    Have been having a real problem with a bad analogue terrestrial TV picture. The antenna was installed on the roof of the apartments by a TV technician sometime ago, but all channels are now extremely snowy. Am assuming this is a weak signal, being caused by an antenna, or cable problem, as am...
  42. umashi

    Can anyone please help me find an audio converter?

    Hello my name is gabriel and i am new to this community and i was hoping i could receive an answer my question is, is there a decoder/encoder box that i could buy that would have an "rca stereo analog audio input on one side for decoding dolby pro logic 2" and an "s/pdif digital rca or toslink...
  43. K

    Help needed to decode Toshiba SP6100 blink codes

    My toshiba sp6100 is random stoping , and now it doesn`t start at all. Kan anyone help me to decode the blink codes? Thanks in advance.. kjell
  44. JMcEntegart

    Google Using ReCAPTCHA to Decode Street Signs

    Google has confirmed that it's now enlisting the help of its users to improve Google Street View. Google Using ReCAPTCHA to Decode Street Signs : Read more
  45. H

    AC 3 decoder for Denon AVR 2600

    We acquired a Denon AVR 2600 receiver and are in need of the AC3 decoder to make it the best it can be. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you
  46. P

    Device write speed is too slow !

    My digital decoder to which a USB can be connected for recording is intermittantly popping up a window with the above message. "Device write speed is too slow !"". The USB is 8GB G3 DataTraveler. Any suggestions please? Thank you.
  47. M

    Need to decode this

    task 1. - complete Z3VylG5hZmpyZSB2ZiBiaGcgZ3VyZXI= means "the answer is out there" using "Base64" decoding and to decypher. task 2. Decode "cWJlIGxua3VnZWkgY3AgdGJrY3Rl". We are supposed to use the answer from the first task to slove task 2 ("the answer is out there" using ") . need...
  48. G

    Scientists Decode Brain Waves to Understand What We Hear

    Scientists at UC Berkeley may have found the keys to monitor the sounds a person actively hears. Scientists Decode Brain Waves to Understand What We Hear : Read more
  49. S

    Can you decode a toshiba computer

    can i decoad a toshiba computerso i can watch r 2
  50. Inf3rn0_44

    What is the best hd media player?

    I really want to get an HD media player for my TV. It supports 1080p and has a chip built in that can decode Avi, Divx, MP4 and other videos. It just cannot decode DTS audio format in MVK videos that I download..and those are most of the ones I want to play. I would like to buy a HDD movie...
  51. M

    Software DBX decoder

    Hello, I am looking for a way to decode 1/2 inch 8 track tapes recorded with DBXII about 30 years ago.
  52. C

    How to

    Hello, how do i get a compatible decoder on my laptop
  53. Stealth3si

    What is a good sound card for HTPC?

    Can someone help me locate a particular sound card that can do the following? 1.) can *decode* DD and DTS 2.) has a TOSLink optical digital input that accepts DD/DTS 5.1, not just stereo PCM 3.) has a TOSLink optical digital input that works with the analog output, meaning it will convert the...
  54. rickstalker

    Who know this device??? 5.1 Sound Decoder Audio Decoder HD Audio Rush

    I found this from google. i want to use it for my ps3 and xbox 360 , how do you think about it? Item Condition: Brand New with retail package. AC3/DTS Digital audio decoder 5.1 AUDIO GEAR DECODER Basic Function:DTS/AC-3 Audio Decoder What is it for: Special design for the...
  55. B

    Hooking up speakers to TV

    Hey everyone, I'm having a bit of an issue getting my setup. This might be a little complicated, but this is my setup: Subwolf to digital decoder, digital decoder to an RCA Splitter Box, splitter to the TV. Only problem is, instead of having Right and Left RCA going to digital decoder, I...
  56. E

    Solved! Dvd decoder not found

    Hello, hi, i am using asus x50gl,tried playing a dvd but windows media player shows no dvd decoder found?please any suggestion
  57. O

    Ffdshow audio crackle

    When I use ffdshow dolby decoder random sounds create a crackle from all speakers.
  58. G

    Divx Releases H.264 Encoder Alpha

    Chicago (IL) - DivX is joining the high-definition era: Following its first H.264 decoder, the company today announced the alpha version of its first H.264 encoder. Divx Releases H.264 Encoder Alpha : Read more
  59. T

    How to encode-decode URL!!

    This is the excample of how to encode-decode URL,through this code you can encode-decode a URL public class UrlEncoderDecoder { public UrlEncoderDecoder() { // // TODO: Add constructor logic here // } public static string TamperProofStringEncode(string...
  60. P

    PAL Decoder, NTSC TV

    I've just blown all my money on a 47" Sony Bravia LCD TV (1080p native, ATSC / QAM), accepting a friend's story that, somehow, it would work in Europe (the TV having been bought in the U.S.) as long as it was a) connected through a decoder for cable TV or b) connected with an HDMI cable. As I...