Question DSTV decoder audio sound extremely low for all channels yet picture is fine. HELP!!!!

Feb 6, 2019
May someone assist me. I am having problems with sound from my decoder. Every channel including radio channels have the same low volume. Eversince my LED TV got spoilt my decoder lost volume. I recently purchased a new TV and noticed that the sound is so minimum that you have to take the amplifier speakers and place them by your ear to hear what they are saying on the screen
:/. I tested my HDMI cable with another TV using a different DSTV decoder and it worked. I then tried the yellow, white and red cables but they are also failing on my Television and working on other different DSTV deocoders. Can someone assist me as I have checked all over the internet. Thank you!
Check that the audio output of the decoder is set to variable and is turned all the way up.
Since you had access to another TV and decoder to test the HDMI cable I would suggest you substitute that other decoder on your TV or your decoder on the other TV.
That will tell you if the decoder or TV is the problem.