Logitech Z906 Speaker System Tripping?

Feb 10, 2018
Hi Everyone,

I hope someone can help, basically I have the Logitech Z906 Speaker System along with the Behringer 1204USB Mixer and one of these devices are causing my RCD at home to trip. They've been working together for about 3 years now, but all of a sudden this week, when I came to use the mixer/sound system, it's starting to trip.

It took me ages to narrow down but after disconnecting all but two of these devices I finally found that either one of them are creating a nightmare and keeps cutting of my power.

I turn on the speaker system, they turn on fine, I turn on the mixer, that turns on fine, I play some music, plays for a while then boom, RCD trips. So I keep trying different methods trying to find which one is causing the issue but it's doing my head in. 2nd Attempt - I leave the mixer turned on - fine. Then switch on the speakers, plays for a while, and boom, RCD trips. However, 3rd time round, mixer is on fine, speakers are on fine, then trips after a few minutes. I'm going round in circles

My question is, has anyone had this issue before? The speakers are only about 3 years old, so is the mixer. Which one is causing the fault. Could the mixer now be faulty? or the speaker system? The speakers are connected to the mixer, could the speakers send some strange power down the audio cable and causing the mixer to short or something? I'm just so confused.

Kind Regards,
Feb 10, 2018

Hi Audio Guru and Grandmaster,

Many thanks for your reply, I definitely think you're probably correct.
Yesterday, I tried a power socket in a different room, and here's what happened:
-Powered Behringer Mixer Only - RCD didn't trip
-Powered Z906 Speaker System Only - RCD didn't trip.
-Plugged in Laptop into Mixer with audio - RCD didn't Trip
-Plugged in Laptop into Speakers with audio cable - RCD didn't Trip
-Plugged in Mixer to Speakers with audio cable - RCD DID TRIP

-Changed audio cable - same thing happened.
So this led me to believe that the speakers or the mixer are sending probably some high current
between each other?
So I decided to just have a go with my "Non Contact AC Voltage Detector (90-1000v)" pen and I don't know if this normal or not, but the voltage pen is lighting up on the phono input cable on the speakers. When I connected this to my laptop, the pen lit up when I touched my laptop. When I disconnected it, the pen only lit up on the cable.

So not being to electrically minded, my theory is, should there be that kind of voltage coming out from the speakers input ports?
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