Looking for 2.0 PC speakers with subwoofer line in



Hello, after searching a few websites and finding nothing I thought i would come here and try my luck.

What i'm looking for exactly;
At current i have 2 small speakers for my pc and was wanting to upgrade because they seem to be getting worse, ie. they keep cutting out and just arnt loud enough.

They are currently 10w each and im looking to go for something like 20w + with the option of plugging my own personal subwoofer in.

My price range is from £20 - £40

The speakers i have at the moment are called gateway 2000

Any help would be appreciated and if need be i could up my price.

Thanks in advance, Lee


are you asking about a set of 2.0 speakers which you can use with a subwoofer you already have or do you want a set of 2.1 speakers with a subwoofer?

why do you say line-in? do you have a feed signal from a receiver or some other source you wanted to feed to the subwoofer? or did you mean to say line-out?

2.0 and 2.1 computer speakers connect up with a single 3.5mm jack. the subwoofer signal is just pulled from the same feed. most pc speakers seem to plug into the subwoofer and then branch out to the individual speakers.

for $32-65usd ($20-40gbp) i would recommend buying a 2.1 set of logitech z313.

the set is a good value for the price and is a much better idea then trying to splice in some unknown existing subwoofer which most likely is more trouble than it is worth and probably not within the budget you have.


hi mate...i already have a subwoofer so i want to plug mine into 2 speakers. but cant find a decent set that has this option.

I am looking for 2.0 speakers.
The reason i want to keep my subwoofer is because it has a different style of bass. It's very low bass and i doubt the 2.1 bass box's on the market matches up to mine.

my bass box also has a standard 3.5mm jack which plugs into 1 of my main Master speaker. ~

so my main master speakers has the connections, Power, other speaker, Sub, and 3.5mm jack which plugs directly into my pc.
Hope you understand this.


i've dealt primarily with logitech speakers and i seem to recall that the satellite speakers plug into the subwoofer via 3.5mm plugs instead of the other way around.

i do not recall seeing a setup as you described. that type of setup seems strange, perhaps it was a gateway thing..

perhaps you could look on ebay, amazon or google for a replacement set of speakers to match the ones you already have? that is if when they were new they sounded good to you. if you are looking for an "upgrade" then nevermind this statement..

as far as subwoofers not matching how low the subwoofer can output you would be suprised how much bass even some $40-50 logitech 2.1 sets can push out. i had the $100 logitech 5.1 set and it could easily rattle enough to knock objects off of surfaces.

that is about all i can say.


Sep 18, 2012
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