Looking for a better laptop


Nov 8, 2016
Current Specs:
CPU: AMD A8-6410

GPU: Radeon R5 integrated graphics

HDD: toshiba mq01abd100

RAM: 6 GB of DDR3-1600 (5 GB usable

Would like a better laptop

My preferred specs:

Screen size: 15.6”

CPU: a quad core i5 or better

Discrete Graphics would be nice

A solid state drive and Bluetooth would be nice

Would like a lightweight laptop
Bluetooth is a standard feature on all laptops. I suppose it boils down to the following questions.

1. How heavy is too heavy?
2. What is your budget?
3. How much performance are you expecting from the GPU?

Laptops with quad core CPUs tends to be on the heavier side. Many are above 5lbs, but I am sure there are laptops with quad core i5 less than 5lbs as long as you are willing pay extra for that. The same can be said of the GPU; most laptops with a GTX 1050 will typically be in a laptop that weighs over 5lbs. Is there a laptop with the GTX 1050 that is less than 5lbs with a quad core CPU? Probably not...

The 15.6" MSI GL62M 7RD-1407 is an example of a pretty inexpensive laptop with an i5-7300HQ, GTX 1050, 256GB SSD 8GB RAM and 1080p screen for $700. It weighs in at 5.3lbs.