Looking for a good PC Wireless Headset under Budget:$200


Jul 29, 2011
Hello everyone. Been looking around for a wireless headset n the market for a while now was hoping you guys could help me maybe?

I have this right now: http://www.logitech.com/en-us/gaming/headsets/devices/7248 The logitech G930.

Here's my story: I'm on my second g930 right now. Been using that headset overall for around 2 years. The first one I had worked fine for about 6-7 months. Then it started auto-shutting off ALL the time. Sometimes I would mute my mic and it wouldn't work etc.. So I updated the software to only make it worse. After that, I bought the second one on Christmas, only 4 days later, the problems have returned but far less often since it's new. But I really know it's heading the same path sadly :/ And it sucks cause this headset is so awesome I love it.

Overall I've noticed Logitech's products/software at least for me in the gaming department are bad.

Now, what can you guys suggest me for $200 that is wireless meaning no cords except a usb to the computer and obviously a cord for plugging it in when it needs charge. This is for PC Gaming. 7.1 Audio preffered, unless there isn't a noticeable difference in audio from virtual 5.1 and 7.1.

I would prefer something as simple as the g930, maybe something in Astro or Turtle Beach?


edit: Looked at the Razer Chimeraes and wasn't too impressed.
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