Looking for a headset for content creators under 100$

Apr 14, 2018

I've embarked on the journey to create content on Twitch and YouTube with some friends, and realized my old, cheap headset isn't really good enough (shock and surprise).

What I'm looking for is, in order or importance:

1 - a good microphone
2 - comfortable hearphones (I'll use them 2h+ sessions)
3 - good quality audio

Plus the budget restriction of staying under 100$.

I'm currently checking HyperX Cloud Stinger and HyperX Cloud Alpha headsets, which seems pretty good from what I've read. So, my questions are:

- any suggestion for good headsets that fits my requirements?
- is the difference between Stinger and Alpha so great to justify the almost double price tag between the two?

Thanks in advance!


Dec 14, 2015
Look at the sennheiser ones, maybe even get headphones like the HD558 and mod them (youtube, very easy to do) and add a separate mic.
After i switched, i dont really care for any other brand anymore, so im not familiar with the hypers.