Looking for a headset for gaming on PC and PS4


Oct 20, 2016
I am in the market for a new headset for PC/PS4 gaming and studies (listening to many many lectures). The take away message is that I want a headset that is great for gaming, wireless, and with a decent microphone in the sub-$450 AUD price range.

In the past I have used Astro A40s and Astro A50s.

I was looking into the Steelseries H Wireless and the next generation Astro A50s, but I wanted to make sure that I make the right purchase at that price range.
My requirements are:
1) Great quality sound, preferably with great positional audio (though I have read lots of conflicting information on 7.1, etc)
2) Comfortable to wear for hours on end (I will probably use them around 10h per day)
3) Wireless (although not a dealbreaker, I have had problems with wired A40s in the past and the wireless is convenient for me)
4) A microphone that is not offensive for other gamers


Oct 21, 2016

Hey Damien! I saw you was looking for a new gaming headset for PC and PS4 have been taking a look at the new Steelseries headset arctis 7? Is gonna be released soon!
1) The sound in the headset should be amazing!
2) I think you should take a look a Arctis and how i fits on people head
3) You can choose between wireless or usb, i saw you were going to use them around 10h per day, i saw the interview at steelseries official site that the headset had up to 15 hour battery time fully loaded!
4) From what i read the microphone should pull out to the exact location where its need to be positioned to gets the best clairty.

I would like to hear what you think of the headset since im considering buying it myself! So give me a heads up i can send you a link to the review or a link to the headset so you can read about it!

Greetings Allen!