Looking for a quality laptop with special requirements


Jul 22, 2017
Hello everyone!

I'm looking for a new Laptop for a friend of mine, who has used an old 2011 MacBook Pro since release, which recently died. The problem is: He has difficulties with his fine motor skills. That means no Lenovo Trackpoint, no touchpad with touch-to-click.

What I am looking for:

  • budget of up to 2000€
    roughly 13"
    bought in Germany
    brand does not matter as long as it fits
    preferably a new, unused model
    mainly for working, writing, data stuff. Nothing too special.
    is expected to be carried around every day for at least 5 years
    no need for game support
    as much battery as possible
    rest is irrelevant as long as the special criteria are met

Special must-criteria:

  • ■ requires an SSD
    ■ at least 2 USB ports, preferably ethernet
    ■ CPU of i5 grade or better
    ■ not glued (can open and replace parts yourself, CPU and GPU excluded)
    ■ must be able to survive multiple drops from at least 1m height without damage, preferably survives being thrown down a staircase (the old MacBook pro was that robust)
    ■ should remain alive for at least 5 years
    ■ must be able to run Linux, preferably not Ubuntu (something secure)
    ■ multitouch
    ■ gestures
    ■ no touch to click / can be turned off
    ■ can press anywhere to issue a click (like the macbook), preferably no extra buttons
    ■ not too small
    ■ backlit
    ■ keys must be lit as well (to see in the dark)
    ■ at least standard size for use with large, unprecise fingers

The main focus lies on a robust, durable, portable laptop for working, not gaming, with linux support. My friend is not heavily disabled, he just has slight difficulties with fine accurate movement.

Any suggestions, even if they don't fit perfectly, are highly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

I would recommend looking for a custom made laptop like sager or clevo. Also why can't he use an external mouse if he has problems with integrated mice?


Jul 22, 2017

Custom made is an interesting idea, thanks. Right now we're looking into the HP EliteBook 840.
Why no external mouse? Luxury. When you travel a lot and want to be able to work anywhere a mouse is no option. And since the budget is high enough the should be a way...