Looking for a ribbon cable


Jan 9, 2010
I have a hp probook 4525s. The touchpad went out and I noticed the white ribbon cable that connects the touchpad to the MB is in terrible shape and cannot stay attached. Thought this would be a easy find, how the heck do i search for this? What am I trying to match up? I have heard not to match E118077 AWM 80C VW-1 because these are on a lot of ribbons. So what exactly do I match? I notice it has 6 pin connectors. Very small cable.

If it helps the touchpad p/n is 615601-001.

Also on the ribbon cable there is a sticker with Zone15' 50.4gk04.002 jh20101112 .

Any help would be appreciated. Looks to be 6in length and about 40mm width.

Am I just suppose to match the pin numbers? I don't see and voltage anywhere?

Thanks again! :fou: