Question Looking for an android tablet with a removable battery that can be charged externally

Jan 21, 2020
I'm looking for a Tablet for a special needs child, it has to be android o/s. The only feature i care about would be the ability to remove the battery and separately charge it on a charging station as the child is very hard on usb charger connectors. I've been searching for about 2 days with no luck, plenty of cellphones that fit the bill, no tablets. (not concerned about brand/price/bells and whistles ect, just peace and sanity this will bring to my home) I appreciate any help.


Outside of a wireless charger, you can get a magnetic charger adapter, adapter stays in device, special cable pops on it for charging, internal connector does not get touched really. Plenty of brands and connection types on Amazon and such. Your issue may be that the kid may find it so much fun to play with the magnetic connector it never stays in to charge LOL



Dec 20, 2011
Right? Why they continue to use those micro usb connectors in a mystery; a removable battery makes so much sense. If they can do it to a $20 remote control car etc why not tablet?
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