Question I need an Android tablet, preferably 7" class with 2 simultaneous USB connections

Mar 4, 2019
I am working on a project which will require tablets (preferably Android) which have the capability for 2 USB connections or independent power input which could work off a battery pack (even if customized connector) and 1 USB.
The project requires the tablet to be able to run off a battery pack and have a USB connected Keyboard. Bluetooth keyboards are not responsive enough for our purpose however Bluetooth will be utilized.
I have seen the NVIDIA shield for example, a higher end device which allows these 2 items to be recognized simultaneously with a special Y connector. Those are 8 inch, a bit big for our purposes. The app will utilize a local database, connectivity via wi-fi to another database. Not really a huge app but the better performance the more preferable of course.
I am looking for something that would potentially be available off the shelf for the ability to replace in the event of a failure at a remote site, however am willing to look at simply having extra's on hand if something is special order or requires a bit longer delivery time.
Thank you in advance!


Don't know of any real tablet with dual USB ports, you will likely need to use something like a Windows tablet PC and I think all those are larger than what you are looking for that would have a USB port you can stick a keyboard on or would have a USB C port so you can attach several things to it. You can use an OTG USB cable to connect a keyboard but then you can't charge there.

You may want to look at some bluetooth keyboards and tablets with the least lag.
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