looking for best connection option to home theater

Oct 20, 2018
Hello Community
I have a PC with Gigabyte H370 motherboard.It has 5.1 analog 3.5mm jack x6 audio output port supported by realtek 1220 audio playback and one HDMI out port to which I have connected my LG monitor. There is no optical audio port in my mobo.
I want to use a 5.1 home theater system to my PC for better music and movie experience.Currently I want to buy Sony ht IV 300 system which has 2 hdmi input, 1 optical input, stereo LR input, and 1 HDMI ARC output.
Question and confusion-
1-how will I connect to it as I have no optical out port in PC and only one HDMI out to which I have connected to monitor already?
2-Should I use a graphics card with multi HDMI port so that I may connect one to sony AV and other to Monitor.
3-should I use a Sound card for optical out like creative sound blaster Z?
4-Can I connect my PC inbuilt HDMI out to home theater and then moniter to home theater HDMI ARC out?
5-Should I change my mind for another home theater system?
Oct 20, 2018
ok if I go with option 4 as I connect my hdmi out of PC to av receiver then 2 question standing here-
1-Does my pc HDMI out will carry 5.1 audio signal so that I may enjoy full surround sound?
2-May I connect my LG monitor to HDMI arc port of AV to get PC Display?

Oct 20, 2018
ok thanks for your response.
then new question arrives here
1- Does optical out carry dts true hd or high res audio encoded signal? I think not.
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