Looking for Disc Spanning Program That Can Split Folders and Sub-Folders


Nov 4, 2014
I'm looking for a disc spanning program that can fit content to multiple disks such as DVDs, but can split folders and work with sub-folders. For example:

Folder 1, with Sub-Folder 1A and 1B
Folder 2, with Sub-Folder 2A and 2B

All folders and sub-folders have files.

The program can fit files from, say, Folder 2, Sub-Folder 1A and 2B in Disk 1 while retaining the directory structure, then from Folder 2, Folder 1, and Sub-Folder 2A in Disk 2, and so on.

My guess is that the program has to come up with a list of all files in all folders, group them to best fit each disk, and then copy them while retaining their folder location.

Finally, I hope there is also an option to move or copy the folders to another location in the hard disk.