Looking for new laptop


Sep 6, 2013
Desired specs:
Price: 1000 cap (maybe 1250 to allow for tax/warranty)
Screen Size: 13-15.6
Resolution: doesn't matter, just decent
Battery Life: 3+ hrs
Would like to play games: starcraft 2, battlelands, mass effect 3
Would like it to be relatively portable, definitely less than 10lbs
storage size doesnt matter: minimum 500 gig, ill back up the rest on my external
WOuld prefer not ASUS (they work great but i feel like the exterior quality is lacking since the screen bezel for my current one broke less than2 yrs after purchase with never dropping the laptop, and its not worth to buy replacement parts)
want the laptop to be around at least 2.5yrs
optical drive optional
live in the USA
minimum 8gigs ram (prefer more)