Looking for portable, excellent colors and graphics and affordable laptop


May 17, 2017
I am a Graphic Designer and I am planning to change my laptop. Yes, I work on a laptop and not a PC. I travel a lot.
So I'm looking for a laptop that has more battery life and is light-weight and compact and needless to say, with good display(sRGB) and graphics card.
I'm looking for something not more than $800.

I've been working on Sony VAIO 14p E series from the past 6 years and it has been the best investment ever. I'm now looking into Asus UX310UQ (i7, 8gb, NVDIA GeForce 940mx 2GB, FHD) but I'm not sure...
Any suggestions would be very helpful!

PS: I don't work with animation/motion graphics/3d renderings. It is mostly large photo editing, and print banners/hoarders/billboards etc.

Also I want to know are there any websites where they allow us to narrow our laptop choices by using filters like processor type, RAM, sRGB etc.
www.xoticpc.com has a very good laptop selection there is a Power Search where you can sort by screen type although that is more IPS, resolution, vivid color than RGB rating.