Question Choosing between iPad Pro 12.9" 256GB and 512GB for graphic design

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Aug 15, 2007
Hi all,
I'm a visual communication student and am looking to buy an iPad Pro 12.9" 2020. I'm leaning towards the 256 since the 512 is too expensive for me but I want to make I won't be bummed from running out of storage all the time with 256.
I currently(on my PC) work on illustrator, ps, after effects etc, doing simple projects and would like to work alongside my PC with the iPad for some stuff and just on the iPad for other stuff using procreate and other graphic design and animation apps. of course, hopefully I will go on to wokring on more complex things as time goes by(both for school and work) but I really don't know where it will lead and how big the projects will be atm.
I intend to get a cloud subscription for the ipad anyway for extra storage and for sharing project with me PC.
Will 256 get filled up quickly and be a workflow hindrance or will it be ok if I use it strictly for design and animation and send old projects to the cloud?
BTW - i'm talking about 2020 models since 2021 is not available in my country yet, and I'm not sure I want to wait unless there'll be a hugh differnce without a big price gap...
thx in advance for any help.
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Aug 1, 2019
i own a 256GB iPad Pro 2020,and seems i need the 512GB,and then no SDCard slot make it worst,a proart document takes too many spaces,imovie and the others app too,

and the Files app eat too many storage,maybe its Caching the SMB from my nas.

but better buy based on your needs,if you store a lot of data and use the ipad as main devices,go with the bigger one.
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