Looking for speakers for a tx-nr676 onkyo receiver

Dec 23, 2018
I just bought an onkyo 7.2 receiver with 210w let channel. I don’t know much about speakers so I’m having a problem finding speakers that will work for this receiver. Most 7.1 speaker bundles are a max input of 130 per channel so I am sitting with a receiver in a box and some confusion for what to do for speakers and a sub. Any information and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


The onkyo is rated at 165w per channel with just a pair of full range fronts at 6ohm

You're worrying unnecessarily about speaker rated wattage in essence.

Once setup with a sub & correct crossover frequencies you'll never push that kind of wattage through the speakers, the sub will take the brunt of it supplying all the low frequency stuff.

I'm running a set of boston acoustics soundware s here, they're only rated for 120w a piece, my Sony receiver is v rated at 160w per channel similar to yours.
These have been in use 5 years now without a single issue.
These days receivers' specification say something like 210w per channel then say ONE CHANNEL, TWO CHANNELS DRIVEN, and you ignore the latter, but what the later is telling you is (the chutzpah) the receiver can output 210w with ONE channel on, or TWO channels on ONLY, it cannot output 210w simultaneously on ALL channels, which is kind of ridiculous right, 'cuz you buying a surround system, you want output on all channels!

So take that 210w with a few grain of salt.

U haver a large living room, sitting 30? a man-cave, dedicated media room? No, the 130w speakers may just work fine, but if you are not comfortable with this, go ahead and find speakers with higher wattage handling capacity, they are out there.
Dec 24, 2018
I have this same receiver. It outputs only 120w per channel across a 5.1 speaker setup at full volume. Anything rated above 100w can be used with this receiver no problem. I have Polk Monitor 70 fronts, Polk center and Polk OWM 3 rear speakers. They work fine and are rated for 100w. The 210w figure is all marketing and means nothing in the real world.
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