Looking to upgrade my ASUS G751JT-DH72


Jul 30, 2010
Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to assist me. As stated above I have an ASUS G751JT-DH72.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M 3 GB
Intel Core i7 4710HQ (2.50 GHz)
16 GB Memory
1 TB HDD (partitioned as two drives "D:" and "E:") - I forgot to take a picture of it while it was out but its an HGST brand
256GB SSD ("C:" drive) - https://www.amazon.com/Micron-RealSSD-256GB-MTFDDAK256MAM-1K1-652182-001/dp/B00HDRMZT2

Now I cracked it open to verify what I was exactly working with. The SSD is a SATA 6GB/s single drive and then one single 1TB driver. Why did they break up the HDD to make it look like two single drives? I don't understand the benefit behind that so if anyone could explain that I would greatly appreciate it!

Now as far as the upgrade portion I want to get a bigger SSD, the HDD I believe will be alright for now and can easily upgrade it down the road if need to a 2TB HDD. Looking to get a 500+GB SSD and it looks like they have a deal going on for a Samsung one currently, which I will list below as I believe it is the correct type to go with.

Now, I believe it would be best to partition the SSD into two drives, one part for the OS and other software (mozilla, VLC, photoshop, GoPro, etc..) and the other half for my games. I may even try to push for a 1TB SSD. If anyone has a better idea or route I would greatly appreciate it.