Low FPS overnight on old laptop


Jun 5, 2017
Hey, well I recieved 2 months ago an old Samsung series 7 chronos for study purposes, anyway I tried some games on it, usually Quake Champions or For Honor to name a few, on low to bad setting but playable, with 45 to 60 fps on low res. scale.
Later took the laptop to a trip, played games on it twice, remarking Monster Hunter World just to see how bad it will run, it ran pretty badly so it was an instant no go, I remember running for honor after that and everything was fine.
So I returned home and by my surprise every game I normally played, ran really damn bad, for a example For Honor from and avg. of 40 fps now it was on 20, unplayable by any means.
Tried to recover the prior performance with a Win10 hard reset, checking bios updates, reinstalling nvidia drivers, checking power options, etc., in summary every usual fix, and nothing happened.
Now I want to open my laptop for a cleaning and thermal paste check, the only problem are two stripped screws, I'm wonking on that by now.
My question is, Is there any other thing I could try to restore the prior performance I had? I really suspect of Monster Hunter taking the laptop too far.
The specs:
i7 3615QM (60 to 75 °C on average use, 90 °C while running a game)
12 Gb RAM
gt 640m
WIN 10 64-bit

I would really appreciate if someone helps me to get this out of the way. Thanks


Feb 3, 2018
1. Well you already ruled out bad software or malware - with the reinstallation of Windows.
2. You have a general understanding of computers. You've tried power options, setting the PC to performance mode and all the works, etc.
3. Have you tried updating drivers and/or BIOS? [Driver Booster 5]
4. Have you tried overclocking the GT 640M? [MSI Afterburner]

If nothing seems to work, yes it is possible you damaged your system by trying to run Monster Hunter World. It might have pushed the laptop to even higher temperatures. Just know that running at 90C for your processor could cause warping of the motherboard and permanent damage. That laptop has a graphics card for video streaming and other light tasks. I don't suspect the manufacturer of your computer intended it for gaming. But try a couple of the above and see if that helps! :)
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