Lower Bass Logictech speakers with windows 7

Tony Efstathiou

Oct 10, 2013
I was hoping someone could help me i have a HP G60 laptop and i have connected speakers via the headphone jack i have Logictech 5.1 the speakers are amazing however whatever i do i cant seem to lower the BASS its too BASSY i have tried control panel unticked the bass section and nothing also i dont know what sound card i have can someone please help me?
not sure if you realized this yet but you can not get 5.1 sound out of a headphone jack. you will get 2.1 at most. to get surround sound you will need to use an external soundcard (buy one).

as far as your issue with too much bass is it the subwoofer firing? if so there should be a knob on the back of the subwoofer which you can turn down.

if that isnt the issue (ie you have no knob or if its turned all the way down and its the speakers themselves with too much bass) then your soundcard most likely has an equalizer you could adjust to limit the bass response. bass is the left side, treble is the right. if you lower the bars on the left it will decrease the bass response.