MacBook ESD Question


Jun 1, 2017
Hey guys,

I have 2 questions, and I apologize in advance if they are obvious answers.

1) I was on my couch and got up to check something on my MacBook Pro. When I got up I was walking on the carpet, and without thinking, I touched the trackpad of my MacBook Pro and I got a little static shock. I was wondering, is it possible to "fry" your computer by touching the trackpad/outer case and creating that static shock?

2) I have built a PC in the past, and just used the method of touching unpainted metal frequently to prevent ESD, however, I know the proper way is to buy an antistatic mat and wrist strap. That being said, I have never fully understood how to use an antistatic mat and wrist strap. I have seen many conflicting videos and postings. Some say just put the strap on and stand on the mat. Some say the strap must be connected to the PC case (metal). Some say it must be connected to a piece of metal that is not on the case. Some say keep the PC plugged in with the I/O switch off. Others say that this is dangerous and everything needs to be unplugged. Could someone please let me know the proper way? I have researched this and just find so much conflicting information.

Thanks in advance guys!



The outside of the MacBook Pro is primarily metal. Electrical discharge always follows the path of least resistance, it is very likely that the exterior of your mac is the path of least resistance in this instance, the 'zap' would have discharged across the body of the mac. The chance of damage would be extremely low, I would not worry about it.

And yes, touching a grounded piece of metal while building a PC frequently will be relatively safe, antistatic mats are good, anti static wrist bands can be overkill, but hey, sometimes it pays to have piece of mind.
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