MacBook or MacBook Pro for school?


Mar 11, 2017
Hello, for school I’m trying to decide between a MacBook Pro and a MacBook. Obviously for school I want something that’s very light, thin, and overall very portable.

However, by the specs of the MacBook, you seem to be paying simply for the thin, light, and portablity.

For the same price there is the Pro, much better specs, etc. But obviously it weights more and is bigger. Do you think it would be worth carrying the extra weight and size of the Pro for its extra performance and value?


Sep 18, 2015
IF you're set on buying a MacBook over a PC, how important is weight to you? If the weight is not as important to you and you don't mind carrying a computer that is a pound or two heavier, then I'd say go for the MacBook Pro.

Just got my first MacBook ever and I'm loving it. I look at the macbook as a laptop to get things done since I can't really play any games on it so it keeps me in check. It also contains good programs like Mail (lets you log in to all your emails at the same time. Automator is pretty cool to use if you give some time to learn it.

It's true that you can buy a way better performing laptop. The main reasons why I chose a MacBook Pro was the battery life, reliability, and lightweight laptop. I could have gone with a surface pro or a dell laptop but I had a bad experience with the surface pro so I'm not open to trying another surface pro computer (different story). I saw the XPS 15 and it is most certainly better performing than my MacBook Pro but the main thing that drove me off was the crappy battery life.

This is why I ended up choosing the MacBook Pro. You just have to think about your needs really hard and decide if the MacBook Pro is the best for you.
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