macbook pro boot issue


May 25, 2016

Just a few weeks ago, I shipped out a macbook pro mid 2010 15.4" via ebay across the country. Just before I put it in the box, I assured that it worked. I wiped it, and put macos sierra newly installed on it. Oddly enough, the person who got it is saying (with picture evidence) that the computer is very hard to get to turn on, and he has to do all sorts of key combos to get it to even boot. Then, after booting, the computer works (very slowly with a terrible screen res, normally it's 1440x960), and then shuts off after about ten minutes. He brought it to the apple store and they advised him to buy a new logic board ($300), but the computer itself is only worth about $400. Any ideas on what might be going on? Also, the only way to even get it to turn on is by resetting the PRAM.

Thank You,

Dylan Treschl


Did you note the serial number on the logic board before shipping it? Is the buyer wanting to return it?
If they send it back make sure the logic board serial matches the one on the case.
I hate to be cynical but this happened to me and the buyer swapped the boards. I documented it but eBay didn't care and gave him his money back. It is the reason I don't sell on eBay anymore.

Or, as the other poster stated it got damaged in shipping, although with reasonable packaging this is unlikely unless the shipping company damaged it.

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