Macbook Pro failure after power failure

Jun 25, 2018
Where I live there is constant power failures where power randomly goes out do to an overload or a discharge (really don’t know how to explain). I usually have my laptop connected to a protector on the plug, but one night I left it overnight plugged directly to the wall and I guess a power failure occured that it damaged the laptop.

When I woke up, I disconencted the charger only to find out that it wouldn’t turn on without it. Ever since, the battery condition when checking on the battery options says replace now, but the battery seems to be charged and readable. I’m unsure if its the battery that got damaged or what connects the battery to the charger and to the computer itself. Nonetheless, the problems don’t stop here.

I believe that with or without the battery, a computer’s performance shouldn’t be affected, yet ever since that day the laptops performance shouldn’t be affected. Programs and games I used to play easily are now unplayable regardless of how undemanding it may be, and how low I put the settings.

Other than the battery showing the peoblem, as I did a apple hardware test and it stopped once it said battery error, everything else, all other hardware “seems” to be functioning normally, but it doesn’t corroborate to the poor performance it has right now. I updated drivers, cleared up storage space, and everything persists.

The voltage that comes out from the battery seems to be irregular in some connections while inexistent in others, I really don’t know whats wrong or what to do to fix it. Can’t technically turn it in at a tech store (can’t afford it at the moment) but I am working with a mate of mine that has knowledge on this sort of stuff but I want to know where we need to be looking for the problem.

Since the problem arose from the electric anomaly, I’m guessing that the problem rises off of this.

I really need help as its the only computer I have to work and get some entertainment. What kind of tests can I do in order to verify hardware integrity? I have done several Windows 10 tests (bootcamp) but I don’t really understand the results, although they seem normal.

Please I need help as soon as possible :c


Jun 1, 2018
in my experience, the battery affecte to the laptop performance itself. A week ago my laptop battery need to be replace too. The battery completely dies. I have to plug in the magsafe to turn on the laptop. The performance is so poor, i can't watch a 1080p video on youtube, the browsing performance so poor. I decided to get a new batt and now run perfectly. Try to get a new battery. Hope it helps!

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