Question Macbook Pro Missing Female Connector on Motherboard Mid-2012 (A1278)

Jun 17, 2020

I'm trying to fix my friend's MacBook Pro mid-2012 unibody (A1278). The female connector for the battery indicator on the motherboard is missing as shown in the image below.
The macbook could run like normal with the power adapter plugged. However, it shuts down a couple seconds after disconnected from the power adapter.

Is there any way I could possibly fix this without changing the whole motherboard? Any possible soldering options?


Jun 19, 2020
I found a guy called Laptop326 on FleaBay that repaired a dead 2015 MBA 13"
Black screen of death. Fixed for about $125 if I recall.

I was having a problem with my Mid-2012 MBP 15" suddenly crashing after I replaced the battery.

Turns out the battery was bad. Put back the old battery which still needs to be replaced with an OEM one, but no more crashes.

I contacted the Fleabay vendor and he said he'd do the repair on the Mid-2012 for maybe $175 but he was backed up at the beginning of the pandemic. In the meantime I took the computer apart and found a loose connection on the MoBo which would give a crash if I lifted the computer while it was running, so I never had to contact that vendor again. Not sure how busy he is now. He's located north of NYC in either Yonkers or the Bronx. He seemed to do a good job. Maybe he can help.

You might have to find that connector off an old one first.