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Oct 12, 2013

I currently have a mid 2012 macbook pro that i got used. I want to get two monitor so that i can connect them to my macbook pro. So the first part of my questions is this:

1) what is a tool i can use to connect my macbook pro to 2 external monitors?

I also have my desktop that i want to have connected to these two monitors. This is a windows desktop with a 1070TI graphics card. So the second part of my question is this:

2) how can i connect both my mac and my desktop to the same monitors without having to unplug one to replug the other everytime i want to switch?

I hope these questions make sense. I look forward to the help i recieve.

Thank You!


Nov 21, 2006
Multiple Inputs: Most monitors have multiple inputs. You could utilize two inputs on the monitor and switch inputs between the Macbook and Desktop. Although this would be a pain on many monitors. The simplest would be to use a KVM switch. It'll be a pricier model as it need to support two screens. It will also most likely support USB too, possibly audio jacks.

Macbook Pro: You don't mention which Macbook Pro. In 2012 there were four models.
- Mid 2012 13"
- Mid 2012 15"
- 2012 13" Retina
- 2012 15" Retina

Retina Models: These support two external displays. You will just need two Thunderbolt* to HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort adapters. Depending on what your monitor or KVM switch supports.

Non-Retina: These only support one external monitor. The hacks are obscenely expensive. It would make more sense to get a USB to HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort adapter for one monitor and Thunderbolt* for the other. They will be much cheaper and fine for web browsing, desktop usage or other 2D tasks. These adapters do have some lag.

Adapters: Please note these are meant for 1920x1080@60Hz and HDMI. I just listed as they are the most common. If you need something else, say so. If these monitors need higher specs. Such as higher resolutions or refresh rates. You may need more expensive adapters. Thunderbolt on the 2012 models maxes out at 2560x1440 but will need a more expensive adapter than the one listed.

USB Adapter:

Thunderbolt to HDMI:

KVM Switch:

Dock: This is a Thunderbolt 2 dock. This isn't necessary but would make life easier and the desk cleaner. As the Macbook will only need this an the power cable plugged in. You may also find a much nicer Henge dock for your model. Whatever it is. Just to be clear this dock supports only one monitor. Either HDMI or Thunderbolt. For a second monitor you would have to use a USB to HDMI/&c adapter as described before. If you do have a Retina model of Macbook Pro. One monitor would go to this dock and the second would have to use the Macbook's built in 2nd Thunderbolt port.

* Make sure any Thunderbolt adapter you buy is for Thunderbolt 1 or 2. Thunderbolt 3 uses a much smaller USB-C style interface.

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