Question MacBook under 500$

Mar 8, 2019
I want to buy MacBook, mostly for school, movies, occasionally artwork
Im student so my budget is not much 500 but if quality comes with price i can add a bit, lets say +/- 200 if its really worth it

found these i5 4gb, anyone can say something about it or recommend something else simmilar ? googled it but theres lot of generally info

In other hand this one isnt so cheep but it is on sale plus got i7
Mar 12, 2019
Hi there,

I just bought a used (though near perfect) condition MacBook Pro 15 inch from Early 2011. It comes with a 750GB HDD and 4GB RAM. I am waiting for a shipment to come later this week which includes an SSD and 16GB RAM to fit in this machine. Let me just say, this machine is brilliant. I am a student and use it 4-5 hours a day at school, 5 days a week. I use Apple Pages and Notes to create what I need to for school - and its great. Compared to the latest MacBook Pro Models, the display is a lot lower quality. As I'm coming from a MacBook Air 2015, this doesn't bother me as its the same resolution as I am used to. I love MacBook Pros but would never buy anything from Apples Lineup of Pro's from the past few years - just google and see all the issues that have (display ribbons breaking 1 year in, keyboard going bad etc.). These older Macs have all the ports you want (so no dongles) which is a must for me. I wouldn't be buying the 13 inch older MBPS as they only have Dual Core I5s (some may have i7), but the 15 inch models have Quad Core i7S, up to 16GB RAM (13s only take 8GB - I think) and 15 inches have Intergrated & Dedicated Graphics. If you can find one like this great - just do your research about the AMD Graphics Issue for 2011 MBPs. The only hiccup is these machines are OLD - so find one that hasn't been used much (the previous owner of mine said he used for 6 months before putting in the cupboard). I make sure every fortnight or so, I take the back off and shoot compressed are in the fans and over the board - and just keep the inside clean. Overheating is a big killer of old Macs so research on that (fan control software, repaste etc.). Good Luck Mate!
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