Make Subwoofer more "Punchy" and less "Boomy"


Nov 29, 2014
I have the Logitech Speaker System Z323 for my PC, and I was wondering if there was a possible way to make the sub-woofer sound more "punchy", that is, having a more crisp and clean sound to it without all that excess rumble. If I increase the sub-woofer's power with the knob on the back, it only increases the power of the sub, making it more "boomy". I want it to be crisp sounding and loud at the same time. For example, I want it to sound more like a bass drum with a pillow placed inside of it rather than a bass drum without a pillow inside of it. Is there any way I could go about doing this? Thanks for your help in advance! My sub-woofer is seated in the corner of the room under the desk, sitting between the wall of the desk and the right wall of my room, as well as sitting in front of the back wall of my room.


generally most logitech subwoofers are boomy not punchy since this is what is popular so i'd be willing to bet this is part of the design.

subwoofer placement also influences sound. being on the floor in a corner is going to be the most boomy while being on carpet away from all walls will subdue it just a bit. it will modify the sound a bit but its not going to change its capabilities.

you might also think about modifying the eq to boost mid-bass while reducing the amount of sub bass. this will make it less boomy in the sub bass region.


Mar 17, 2006

At first that was my reaction too, but I understand it when he wanted it less boomy. I've encounter the boomy situation when watching a streamed movie one time at my friends place plying from on of those media box, no matter what I do with the sub volume, sound still boomy. After installing a FiiO D03 DAC and his Z608 now plays a lot better. I know the external device conversion is better than the internal but didn't realize it would make the frequency more flat than what internal DAC could do. Don't quote om on this though, as I didn't have time to test that theory yet. it could just be the preamp from the FiiO for all I know.


Mar 28, 2010
Placement at this point is your largest problem. For right now, take the sub, place it on the desk away from the right wall and see if that gets it closer to what you want.

Basically you have a quasi-resonance chamber where you have the sub now that is amplifing undesired frequencies and possibly you are getting some reverb out of it too.

If placing it on the desk gets the desired effect, then find a place that you can set the sub that's more open without barriers all around it. A back wall and even a side wall isn't so bad, people corner load subs for increased efficiency, but when you start boxing it in by having it under a desk, things start to go bad. You'll still need to play with the placement a little, sub location in relation to walls will affect the sound due to the Allison Effect and Boundary Effect.

The sub itself isn't great, so placement will get you only so a whole I dislike recommending your average "PC" speaker systems because they're just not that good.
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