Question make wife happy?

Oct 11, 2021
No. not that. We're too old.

We have a fairly new smart tv For a dozen years, we bounced between local cable (Charter Spectrum) and AT&T, to avoid price increases)

Current cable basic TV gives 125 stations of which we watch about 25. Actually, we could do 15 of them.

Channels watched include local affiliates of ABC, CBS & NBC. plus TNT, AMC, History, Discovery, Food Network, A&E, FOX news. TLC, and a few others such as: INSP for old westerns, WE-TV, ME- TV, The later may be specific to local cable offering but include things like game shows.

Rarely, do we watch sports unless there's a Hockey game on broadcast TV of Philadelphia Flyers

My wife watches a much more than me, (TLC, History, gameshows, etc. )

I just my Amazon Prime account on the TV

I get a smattering of channels over an antenna. I'd like to cut the cable TV but here's a rub. I use the TV remove to switch inputs (cable, internet, antenna). Another remote turns the antenna, located in my attic) and finally the cable remote to view guide for program choices or push record to DVR an episode of a scheduled program.


My wife wants to use one remote to see everything on one menu (like the cable channel guide). She want to see what programs are on and decide what she wants to watch at any time.

Everything else is too confusing for her. I even tried out an Amazon Alexa box voice fire stick

I'm looking for information as to what will work and appease wife. Someone told me the EZBOX is an option but I can't find out exactly what it does.


That EZBOX thing sounds like the EZ Media Android media player

What you can get in a single simple menu would really depend on what services you have. Thinks like HULU with live TV would work for a single thing, at least for those services supported inside HULU.

Amazon Fire TV also does a decent job at showing multiple services on the home page and you can edit things to customize what it shows you.

If you want to see what is both over the air and on the internet streaming services, that I don't think anything does.