Making sense of a Google video html

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Errror 404 is "Page not found"

And it comes up as such for me.

In other words the target destination is not there anymore. Or at least cannot be found at the moment. Could be down for some reason.

URL is bascally a destination website on the internet. HTML is the programming language that is used to layout, present, and make a website (that destination website) work.

And unless the user takes a moment to look at the URL that appears when the cursor is placed on the link then the user could end up somewhere else.

So someone could present a link as "Disneyland" but the real destination could be a not-so-family friendly site.

Bad guys are always trying tricks and they have no qualms about using things that can fool both children and adults.

Teach your son to look at the URL information that appears (probably lower left screen corner) when the cursor is on the link. Should match. If not, do not go there.

Try it all yourself......
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