Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer DLC Coming April 10th

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Jun 16, 2007
while I cant say much for this specific DLS, for some of the previous mass effect games, you could tell that they were originally made to be included in the game but removed and made into DLC, the reason for this is the original unpatched game will have certain resources that are only used in the DLC (such as dialog and other content)

overall, it is companies like EA that take a full game and remove parts in order to sell them as DLC and make more money off of the users. While this is "free" it is most likely what should have been in the game to begin with, furthermore, due to what was missing in the game, it most likely was part of the game but was removed in favor of DLC that they pad plans of charging for but did not to try and quell the outrage at parts of the game)

PS nvidia released an ending creator for mass effect 3, before the ending of the game, alt tab out of the game then right click on your desktop then go into the nvidia control panel, then under the color settings, drag the hue slider to the left or right by a little bit and you will have a new ending to the game
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