Question Matching speakers for my bose subwoofer.

Jun 14, 2019

I have a bose acoustimass series 2 subwoofer and the media centre but I dont have any matching speakers for them. As Bose doesn’t specify any technical details for its sub and the speakers, I was still able to find out that the original speakers were rated to produce 30w rms maximum per channel on 8ohms. Now I want some matching speakers with that specifications. I have came across some speakers with max input power 100w and there is no minimum specified. I dont know whether I can drive those speakers with my sub or not.
Depending on how large your room is and how loud you want to play the system you will want speakers that are 8 ohms and have an efficiency as high as possible. Anything around 88-90 db for one watt should be fine.
If the speakers are much more efficient that this range then it might be impossible to balance the woofer level with them. The maximum would only matter if you plan on replacing the Bose system with an AVR.
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