Question Matrix switches.

May 10, 2019
Need some help. So I’m looking to add a matrix switch to my existing system. And then something to control it. All the a/v professional are recommending control 4 or Altona switches. And control 4 for the ultimate control. Not looking to spend that much $$$. So can I do this with a less pricier switch. I found a company call bright link AV. They have similar switches for half the cost. And utilize a Harmony remote system. I’m willing to do a control 4. But need to cut cost somewhere. I’m looking for a4x4 or 6x6 switch to be incorporated into my Yamaha rx 3040 a/v receiver with 9 speakers and sonos , With 4 tv’s and 5 input sources. Please help and how can this be done. Thanks.
If you use a matrix HDMI switcher then all your sources have to be connected directly to it rather than the AVR.
One of the HDMI outputs will have to go to the AVR for audio and then to the main TV.
Problem will be if that source is also connected to one of the other TVs the source may default to stereo output unless the switcher has a way to compensate for that.
If you don't need to watch different sources at the same time then a distribution amplifier connected to the AVR output will allow you to run as many TVs as you want. No remote control required.