maybe the weirdest question you will ever be asked about an amplifier


Jun 12, 2017
Hi everybody, i would like your assistance with something before my head goes :pt1cable:

Im not the best at explaining things but i will try my best.

I own a JVC home surround system (this one

Basically i removed the audio leads from the virgin media box but the audio was still coming through.

My setup was a set of audio leads from the tape output of the amp to a scart lead with female audio leads connected to it. nothing else apart from the power lead was connected to the amp

The scart obviously went to the tv (the tv's sound is permanently off)

I removed the audio leads from the scart, but still in the amp, with the audio leads in my hand the audio was still coming from the amp. my head was blagged!!!! i looked at my partner and said how the hell is the sound coming out of there the leads are in my........... she looked at me like i was talking Arabic, her tech savvy life started with the invention of the smartphone. so then i turned the amp off and all sound stopped which it should, when i switched the amp back on there was no audio. i haven't been able replicate it since

I have worked with audio for years, being dj music production etc, but im starting to think i am being thick and missing something obvious or my partner is putting something in my tea.

Please help :p

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