Medusa Speedlink pro gamer + x-fi xtreme gamer - lost audio channel



Please help I have gotten to the point where I think I am going to cry. I have spent so long trying to get these bloody headphones to work:

Medusa Speedlink pro gamer (non-usb)

Recently I splashed out on a £50 sound card called x-fi xtreme gamer having previously owned an audigy 2 zs. That old card was not compatible and I used Kx project drivers. I have since uninstalled the kx drivers and use the creative ones.

I got my new card like 2 days ago and when I initially set it up everything was working fine, it was amazing, finally everything worked as it should. However I get back from work today and play STALKER and realise that my front-right channel is not functioning *at all*.

Every other channel:

Front-left - works fine
center - works fine (sound comes equally from left and right)
Rear-right - works fine (definetly coming from right cup)
Rear-left - works fine
sub - works fine

However when testing the front-right I hear absolutely nothing, no hissing, no crackling NOTHING. Its like it has been muted

On the above FAQ when talking about THX config it says:

"Please note that 'tinkering' with the ASSIGNMENT and POLARITY buttons can have adverse effects to your system and **may cause loss of sound from one or more speakers**."

However I have tried resetting the values to default using the button but it doesn't do anything, it is still broken...

help... :cry:

I am running in 5.1 mode, all the volume things on the in-line control are up high, I checked all the volume controls to see if somethingwas muted and they are ok.


Oopsie I discovered what the problem was, the connection on the amplifier was loose but it looked like it was plugged in fine. Oh dear I feel embarrased! :whistle: