Metro by T-Mobile (MetroPCS) Is the Fastest Cheap Carrier

May 26, 2018
When it comes to cheap carriers, AT&T has its own "cheap line" in their "Pay as you go" product. I found I get all the benefits of their network at half the price of their subscriber line.
TG should include that in their tests. I used to be a Metro customer but in Dallas, TX, AT&T rules when it comes to speed and having a good signal or a signal at all. I pay $40 a month and get 10gbs of data with no throttling that I am aware of. So, I have my cake and eat it too with no deposit required, but I did have to buy my handset. I bought an Essential PH-1 anyway so I wouldn't be tied to any carrier nor suffer performance issues due to bloatware.
Nov 1, 2018
Wait, where does everyone go to get this 33Mbps? I've never had more than 7-8 Mbps on MetroPCS and often it's below 1 Mbps - occasionally it stops entirely. I'm in San Jose, CA, not the end of the cellular world. It's never been better in the several years I've used MetroPCS and over different phones and they've never been able to improve it from their end either. In fact despite promising they've reset things, there's never been a difference. I am very envious!!!