Mic also outputting sound


Oct 15, 2015
Alright, I know what you're thinking. "This is the 75th thread about this issue, dangit!"

I have checked a few forums and several threads on this one, and unfortunately none have helped me resolve my issue.
As the title says, my microphone (headset) seems to be picking up the sound that's being being played aswell. I first noticed this issue when Skyping with friends, and now I was tryign to start up OBS to stream some games and the MIC seems to output the exact same levels as the "speakers". What bugs me the most, is that this was not always an issue, it just appeared out of the blue and I have no real clue as to what I messed up to begin with.

As several threads suggested, I've checked the settings in Windows
-> Listen to device is turned off.
-> Stereo Mix is disabled/muted
-> The levels here show no output

Then I went on to Realtek HD Audio
-> The mic jack is marked "Mic in"
-> The "playback" has been muted
-> Stereo Mix is also muted

Now, I also have this thingy installed (came with motherboard drivers) called Sound Blaster X-Fi. however, even exitting this software had no impact. It seems to just add a bit of effect to your audio output (more bass, surround, smart volume, etc.).

I have also tried switching things around. And by that I mean, put my speakers' jack in the front and the mic in and headset jack in the back panel. this made no difference at all, so I'm fairly sure this is a config issue somewhere.
The drivers have been uninstalled and reanstalled, effectively resetting the settings (I think) but the issue still remains.

The last 2-3hours have just been me trying to get this fixed. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Quick edit:
- My voice can be heard, it's not like the mic is only picking up the sound being output
- OS is Windows 7
- I just disabled all devices besides the mic and the default audio output, the issue persists.



Does that happen to all microphones or just that one? It could very well just be a short of some sort (you can test using another mic, but if you don't, try putting the headphone output to just left and then just right and then unplugging the headphones entirely and seeing if the mic still picks up anything)
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