Mic Quality Goes Bad When Audio Is Played


Jul 21, 2014
I have a Siberia v2 Frost Blue USB Headset and I have noticed something wrong with the microphone. The microphone quality is good... up until any sound that plays through the headset the microphone automatically gets muffled and the quality goes down. I have tried numerous settings on windows to try and fix it and nothing has worked. I'm wondering if someone can pin-point the problem. Here is a list of what I have tried.

1. I went to the recording devices and went to the listen tab and under the power management tab i tried both continue/disable power
2. In the recording devices I went to the custom tab and i tried disabling/enabling AGC
3. I went to the advanced tab and changed the default bit rate, (which was set to CD) to DVD (and other way around).
4. I turned off "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" and also "Give exclusive mode applications priority".
5. Updated to the latest SteelSeries Engine 3 drivers.
6. I've tried plugging it in different USB ports on my computer.

Any of those didn't work and I mixed and matched and still a no go. Like I have said, when no music/audio is playing the microphone works great. The moment something is played, the microphone quality goes really bad. Then picks up normal when audio is stopped.

Here is an example clip of it in action: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0fb5YT5qOXR

I have contacted customer support and they didn't help me they just wanted to RMA it.

Any help is appreciated.