Question Microphone not working on new HyperxCloud Stinger.

May 27, 2020
Hey guys!

My friend have an Gigabyte A320M-S2H-CF motherboard. He recently bought a headset (Hyperx Cloud Stinger), and it's microphone isn't working.
He is on windows 10, version 1903
He tested the headset on his phone, and the mic it's ok.
I tried to help him throught teamviewer.. What I did:
Changed his sound card driver manually (updated, uninstalled and tried others too).
Checked the mic privacy settings on windows 10, it was on. (I triem d to turn it off, and turn it on too, several times).
Check on his bios, but if i disable sound HD, it disables all onboard sound (I read that some motherboards has hd and ac97, so you have to change to ac97 to front panel to work)
I changed the option that says bind the same type of connectors, or something like that.
Weird things:
The sound software recognize that he connected both of the plugs (green and pink one).
It recognizes when connects on the back or in front.
Now he is using Wo mic to use his phone as a mic on computer, when he changed to realtek, I started to hear what he was hearing (like, musica or whatever) on discord.
I don't know what else to do, completely lost.
Someone has any thoughts?



So with the phone, that would be a single 4 pole connection, to the computer there is an adapter that splits. He would need to try that adapter and the mic connection on another device, computer, phone, etc... to see if maybe that splitter is bad, or maybe he is not pushing in the cable all the way in.
May 27, 2020
I tried again in teamviewer again last night and we found out that the issue is on his splitter.
The sound works fine but the mic one is not working, he tried an old one and it worked just fine.

Thank you anyway!
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