Question Kraken Headset audio mutes after no sound is played for 3-10 seconds

Jul 29, 2022
Sorry for the bad title. Have no idea how to word this, but i'll explain in greater detail here.

Lets say I pause a video. There is no audio playing now. If I dont play another sound in the next 3 or so seconds, the kraken headset will prevent any other audios from playing unless I turn it off and on, or watch a video with sound for about a minute (then it will for some reason play sound again)

I have:
Contacted support
Uninstalled and reinstalled
Searched other forums
Unplugged and plugged
Changed between spatial audio and normal audio in the control panel
Changed volume
Seems like the auto off feature to save battery life (assuming it's wireless since you said "turn it off and one") is not working properly since it should start from another audio signal to the headset.
What did the support say? If you can't find a fix, the only fix may be to get another brand of headset.