Question Headset suddenly stopped working on PC


May 7, 2018
Mobo: MSI z370m mortar
CPU: i3 8350k
RAM: 16gb ddr4 3200mhz

Hi, so my headset suddenly stopped working on my pc today. My headset is plugged into the rear audio jacks on my pc using a audio splitter. I was watching youtube on my pc using the headset when something on my phone popped up that i wanted to listen to, so I unplugged my headset from the audio splitter and plugged them into my phone, when I was done I plugged them back to the audio splitter on my pc but When I resumed my video no sound came through my headphones, it was instead coming through the speakers on my monitor.

Here some of the troubleshooting I've tried on my own with no success. I've tried using the windows troubleshooter. I've set them as default device. I've tried using both audio jacks on the front and back of my pc. I've uninstalled and reinstalled drives as well as checked for updates. I've made sure that they are in fact being detected via the realtek audio console. I've tried plugging them in with a regular 3.5mm aux cable instead of the audio splitter (on both front and rear jacks). I've tried restarting my pc without them plugged in and plugging them back when it's back on. I think it's safe to say the problem isn't the headset or the cables I use to connect the headset.

The headphones show up in the playback tab in the sound settings as well as the microphone showing up in the recording tab since its connected with a audio splitter cable. The mic actually works, if I right click it and I select listen to playback I can hear it perfectly fine. When I right click my headphones in the audio tab and select test I get an error popup saying "failed to play test tone". Also i'm able to select them from the drop down menu when I click the speaker on my taskbar, but although I have the headphones selected the audio just comes thru the monitor speakers. P.S. I didn't download anything new to my pc or make any hardware or software changes recently.

Thanks in advance for your help.